Valorworks PCB Badge

Valorworks Soldering Badge

This is a soldering badge kit that I designed for Valorworks, a maker group getting started at Valor Collegiate Academy. The design is based on their school’s logo.  Costs came out at $2.05 per board (qty 50).

Altium CircuitMaker was used to design the schematic & PCB.  The files are open source and available here.  The design uses four flashing 3mm orange LEDs on the points of the compass and a single 0603 SMT blue LED in the center. They’re all powered by a single 3V CR1225 coin cell battery.

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Quick Tip – Soldering Resistors to LEDs

In a project this week, I had a need to solder a resistor directly to an LED.  Due to the human limit of only having two arms, this turns out to be a little more difficult than it should be.  Normally, I’d use my “extra hands” tool for this type of task but I had a lot of them to make and I needed a more efficient process.  Here’s what I came up with…

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Birthday Badges

“Never pass up a teachable moment.”  As a Boy Scout leader of many years, this has become one of my many mottos.  Any time you have the opportunity to grab a child’s attention and focus that attention on something more educational than the latest video game then grab it and have fun.  My son’s 6th birthday party recently became one of those moments.

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Use a MakeWire Module to Create an Ad-Hoc Temperature Sensor Module

I recently put out a request to a fellow Gadgeteer enthusiast, Eric Hall (aka ransomhall), to help me out with a simple module that I needed to help make some temporary breadboard modules I have been testing a little more permanent.  Eric responded with a very professionally designed module that I anticipate using to make several projects I have in the works look much more polished and take a lot less space on my desk.

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