Gadgeteer vs Arduino vs Phidgets recently ran an article called “Arduino vs. Phidgets – Dev Time Trials” which brought to attention a blog post by Ken (?) called “Hardware Protoyping Speed Test: Phidgets vs Arduino” which I thought was a rather fair set of tests for comparing development speed and costs for three simple projects. My objective is to run these same tests using the Gadgeteer rapid prototyping system and report my results. Of course, like any article of this sort there are always going to be some lively comments from the readers regarding the validity and bias of tests.  I fully expect that this article will generate plenty of its own.

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CoderFaire 2013

Today, me & Joe are at Nashville CoderFaire 2013 giving a presentation called Gadgeteerin’:  Bringing Code to Life.  This is a placeholder for the good stuff.
Bits to install for Gadgeteer if you want to play on hack day:
If you take any pictures or videos, please send them to me.  If you use Twitter, remember to include #cfn13.

Thanks for attending!

Using a Gadgeteer Camera Module as a Webcam

Occasionally, I do something really stupid.  Well, maybe more than just occasionally…  For example, when the GHI Hydra Gadgeteer mainboard was first released I rushed out and bought one and also picked up a Camera module because I was excited to try out some imaging projects I’d had in mind for a while but didn’t have the horsepower to attempt with previous microcontrollers.

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Use a MakeWire Module to Create an Ad-Hoc Temperature Sensor Module

I recently put out a request to a fellow Gadgeteer enthusiast, Eric Hall (aka ransomhall), to help me out with a simple module that I needed to help make some temporary breadboard modules I have been testing a little more permanent.  Eric responded with a very professionally designed module that I anticipate using to make several projects I have in the works look much more polished and take a lot less space on my desk.

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