Princess Wands

A few days ago, my daughter who is having her 5th birthday party this weekend comes up with her sweet little eyes and asks “Daddy, what special thing are we doing at my party like we did at [her brother’s].”  Of course, she was referring to the Birthday Badges that I designed and they assembled.  With less than a week until the party there certainly wasn’t time to design a PCB, have it fabbed and delivered in time without paying outrageously high costs.

So, it was time to scramble and see what I could come up with using parts that I had on hand and could get at local stores.  Her party has a Cinderella theme.  I had a stock of blinking RGB LEDs left over from the Red Bull Fish Detector project that are a lot of fun and require only a resistor and battery to make work.  So, that sounded like a good basis for the project.  When I think of the Cinderella story, the fairy godmother and her magic come to mind.  So, the idea of a magical princess wand was born.

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Quick Tip – Soldering Resistors to LEDs

In a project this week, I had a need to solder a resistor directly to an LED.  Due to the human limit of only having two arms, this turns out to be a little more difficult than it should be.  Normally, I’d use my “extra hands” tool for this type of task but I had a lot of them to make and I needed a more efficient process.  Here’s what I came up with…

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