Happy Birthday to AllJoyn Nashville!

Last night I had the pleasure of kicking off the inaugural meetup of AllJoyn Nashville. It was a huge success with about 30 people there once everyone arrived.

The meetup was a joint effort between the NashMicro user group and AllJoyn Nashville. NashMicro is a user group of Nashvillians interested in general microcontroller & electronics topics. Since AllJoyn is a topic of interest to NashMicronians (NashMicro members), it made sense to host this meeting with them.

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Valorworks PCB Badge

Valorworks Soldering Badge

This is a soldering badge kit that I designed for Valorworks, a maker group getting started at Valor Collegiate Academy. The design is based on their school’s logo.  Costs came out at $2.05 per board (qty 50).

Altium CircuitMaker was used to design the schematic & PCB.  The files are open source and available here.  The design uses four flashing 3mm orange LEDs on the points of the compass and a single 0603 SMT blue LED in the center. They’re all powered by a single 3V CR1225 coin cell battery.

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MAKE: Step into Light and Sound in Interactive Synesthesia Experience

“Step into Light and Sound in Interactive Synesthesia Experience” is an article I wrote for MAKEzine.com about an interactive art project that local Nashville artist and maker, Robbie Hunsinger, created. Read the full article here.

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Gadgeteer vs Arduino vs Phidgets

Hackaday.com recently ran an article called “Arduino vs. Phidgets – Dev Time Trials” which brought to attention a blog post by Ken (?) called “Hardware Protoyping Speed Test: Phidgets vs Arduino” which I thought was a rather fair set of tests for comparing development speed and costs for three simple projects. My objective is to run these same tests using the Gadgeteer rapid prototyping system and report my results. Of course, like any article of this sort there are always going to be some lively comments from the readers regarding the validity and bias of tests.  I fully expect that this article will generate plenty of its own.

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